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Special Course

This course consists of private lessons. A personalized, effective study program will be developed to fit the student’s individual needs, using appropriate materials. The initial date of enrollment, as well as day and time of the lessons, is up to the student.
Please send inquiries to our school office regarding language lessons for foreign nationals who work for Japanese companies.

Registration fee ¥10,800 (¥11,000 including tax at a rate of 10%)
Tuition 1student per class ¥5,400
(¥5,500 including tax at a rate of 10%)
2 or more students per class ¥3,200 (per student)
(¥3,300 including tax at a rate of 10%)
  *One lesson is 45 minutes.


Please complete the necessary items on the application form, attach a photograph, and submit it to the school office.


  • *Please choose a class time between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:45 p.m.,
    Monday - Friday.
    Lessons at other times and lessons on Saturday will be ¥5,700 (1 student/class),
    and ¥3,600 (2 or more students/class, per person). In the case that the tax rate is 10%, the tuitions will be ¥5,800 (1 student/class) and ¥3,700 (2 or more students/class, per person).
    Classes can also be held at locations outside the school. The daily travel allowance for teachers in such cases is a minimum of ¥1,000 per day within Kyoto city limits, and a minimum of ¥2,000 per day outside the city limits. This travel allowance and transportation fee are in addition to the cost of tuition. Text fees are not included. Please inquire for further details.
  • *Fees for the textbooks are additional.
  • *Once paid, tuition fees shall under no circumstances be refunded.

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