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Evening Course

It is a application requirement for 2019


This course is intended for those already living in Japan, or for those who plan to come to Japan for purposes other than Japanese language study, such as on a working holiday.
This course has classes twice a week for 8 weeks per term.
Class Days

(Monday and Thursday)
Intermediate-I/II & Advanced
(Tuesday and Friday)

Evening Course

6:30 p.m. - 8:10 p.m. (45 min. x 2)

School term

(4 terms/year, 10 weeks/term, 40 lessons/term)

(Monday and Thursday)
Intermediate-I/II & Advanced
(Tuesday and Friday)
Winter term January 28 (Monday)
- March 28, 2019(Thursday)
January 29 (Thursday)
- March 26, 2019(Tuesday)
Spring term May 9 (Thursday)
- July 1, 2019 (Monday)
May 7 (Tuesday)
- June 28, 2019(Friday)
Summer term July 22(Monday)
- September 26, 2019(Thursday)
July 23 (Tuesday)
- September 24, 2019(Tuesday)
Fall term October 21 (Monday)
- December 16, 2019(Monday)
October 22 (Tuesday)
- December 13, 2019(Friday)

Enrollment limit

8 students (Class will be cancelled if fewer than 4 enroll.)


Registration fee ¥10,800 (¥11,000 including tax at a rate of 10%)
Tuition ¥57,600 per term (¥58,700 including tax at a rate of 10%)
*Fees for textbooks are additional (approximately ¥5,000).


  • Please complete the necessary items on the application form, attach a photograph, and submit to the school office.
  • The deadline for applications is 10 days prior to any given term.

Payment periods

  • Please pay the school fees by 2 weeks before the course starts.
  • If less than 4 applicants pay by this date, the class will be cancelled.


  • Classes will not be held from August 9 to 18 for summer holidays, March12, September 27 and national holidays.
  • For more information on cooling-off periods, ask during the application process.

Application download


2018/12/2 It updated to course contents of 2019 year.