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All dormitory rooms are furnished with basic furniture, electrical equipment, but not bedding.
We purchase the bedding on your behalf before move-in for 9,180 yen.

"Urban Boat 210"
These apartments are also furnished with basic furniture, electrical equipment.
"Luminous-Ichijo" is furnished with bedding.
You can commute to school on foot or by bicycle from the dormitory and the apartments, which are conveniently located.

-Homestay Program-
Our school also arranges homestays for our students.
For details, please contact us: office@kjls.or.jp

Urban Boat 210
The wall of the room is a designer's apartment of concrete.


210 Kodaiintatemachi, Nakadachiuri sagaru, Uramon – dori, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto

•10 min by bicycle from our school


Self-locking entrance, elevator, bicycle-parking area, coin laundry, Internet connection (LAN cable)

Room equipment

Small kitchen, air conditioner, bed, desk, chair, TV, shelf, silverware

Facilities Shared with 2-3 Neighbors

Refrigerator, microwave, toaster, coin shower, toilet


•28,000 yen – 30,000 yen/month for long-term stay
•36,000 yen – 39,000 yen/month for short-term stay
•Electricity expenses will be charged at cost.
•About 60 people including foreign students live in this apartment.
•A landlord lives on the top floor and a caretaker also visits the apartment 3 days a week.
•This building has 16 shared apartments.
•Each apartment has two or three single rooms and shared living space.
•These apartments are not furnished with bedding.
•We purchase bedding on a student's behalf before move-in for 9,180 yen.
•Consumption tax and delivery charges are included.

Urban Boat1

Urban Boat2

Urban Boat3

Urban Boat4

Urban Boat5

Urban Boat6

Urban Boat7

Urban Boat8



334-1 Minamishinzaike-cho, Higashi iru, Jofukuji, Ichijo-dori, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto

•5 min by bicycle from our school


Kitchen, air conditioner, silverware, plates, cooking utensils, desk, chair, desk light, bed, shelf, refrigerator, microwave, toaster, dryer, vacuum cleaner, clothes iron, bedding, Internet connection(LAN cable&Wifi) Television is available for rent. NHK reception fee is required separately


One month's rent fee.(If you stay for more than 10 months, refundable after contract ends)


Rent for long-term stay : (4 month or more)
47,000 yen/month
•Electricity and gas expenses will be charged at cost.
•Water service: 2,000 yen
•Garbage collection: 500 yen
•Fire insurance rate: 6,000yen/year

Rent for short-term stay:(4 month or less)
•Monthly 57,000 yen / Utilities: 1month,12,000 yen
•A cleaning fee of 15,000 yen is required separately when moving in.
•Short-term stay needs to confirm the date of leaving when contracting.
•It is not possible to extend the contract.
•If there is a possibility of extension, it is one year contract.

Payment has to be made at the time of move-in.
This is the nearest apartment to our center.
18 people live in this apartment, most of whom are foreign university students and people working in Kyoto city.










You can also find room from these real estate agency.

There are employees who can speak foreign languages. You can exchange directly and securely.