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Summer Intensive Course

It is a application requirement for 2019

This course is intended for those who wish to study during the summer holidays. It is an intensive class that meets 20 lessons per week from Monday to Friday. In addition to regular classes, there will also be extra-curricular activities that offer students the opportunity to experience Japanese culture such as the tea ceremony, wearing yukata and calligraphy. Please note that this course does not meet the qualifications for Japanese language “Student” visa status. Those coming to Japan from abroad in order to enroll in this class should enter the country with a “Temporary Visitor” or similar visa.

【Extra-curricular activities】
Tea ceremony, Yukata wearing, Calligraphy, Making Sushi, Visiting Gion Festival, Social gathering with Japanese university students

【Nationality of applicants (top 3)】
Year 2015 : 19 students/Taiwan, 14 students/France, 12 students/America
Year 2016 : 26 students/America, 12 students/France, 10 students/Taiwan
Year 2017 : 15 students/America, 10 students/France, 7 students/China
Time period

July 10 (Wednesday) - August 7, 2019 Wednesday) [4 weeks]
*July 15 (Mon) is a national holiday, classes will be held.

Class hours

9:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. (45 minutes x 4)

Class levels

Beginner (three classes), Intermediate (two classes), Advanced
*Student’s class level depends upon the result of placement test.

Class size

13 students (Class will be cancelled if fewer than 5 enroll.)


Registration fee10,800 (11,000 including tax at a rate of 10%)
Tuition76,600 (78,100 including tax at a rate of 10%)
Class activity and textbook fees5,000

*Cultural activity fees are separate.

Application Deadline

June 20, 2019 (Thursday)
*Accommodation arrangement request is due on May 15. Submit your completed application documents by the due date, stating clearly that you need an accommodation arrangement.


  • Please submit your completed application form with a photograph to the school office, together with the required documents.
  • If you apply from overseas, please send all required documents by post. After we receive them, our school will inform you about the placement test and payment instructions.


  • Fees for the textbooks are additional (approximately 5,000).
  • Once you have paid the fees, the fees can only be refunded if the class is cancelled.
  • For those who enter Japan for the summer intensive course, please enroll in an insurance plan in your country that will provide coverage during your stay in Japan.


Application download


2018/12/2 It updated to course contents of 2018 year.