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”奨学生”を1名募集しています !




タイトル:「日本語が上手になったら、したいこと」。A4 1枚程度。母国語OK

2018年9月3日 office@kjls.or.jp まで


We are recruiting a scholarship student !
We will exempt school fees for Intensive short 10 weeks course in this autumn.
Please email to us if you would like to apply.

Foreign national with a valid visa in Japan already or Japanese returnee from abroad who lives in Kansai area, over 18 year’s old, must have completed at least 12 years of education.

●The person who lives in Japan within less than a year
●The person who can attend class every day and have enough time to study at house
∗The textbook fee of 8,000 yen is NOT included for scholarship
∗We will ask you cooperate with posting to SNS et

Required documents for the application:
Please download necessary forms of Intensive Course(For a short period)from the site http://kjls.or.jp/download

●Enrollment application
●Copy of passport and resident card
●2 photos
●Letter of guarantee
●Instead of writing propose of studying Japanese, please write an essay which title is "What I want to do when my Japanese has improved"

The persons who pass the selection of application will be required to get an interview.

The application deadline:
September 3, 2018
Please apply by email: office@kjls.or.jp

Result announcement
We will contact directly to the person who applied by September 10.