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卒業生のみなさんの証明書の発行は、今後、卒業後10年で終了とさせていた だきます。
それ以前に卒業されている方で、証明書が必要な方は、2018年5月1日ま でにお知らせください。
なお、証明書発行手数料は、入国管理局に提出するものをのぞき、1部 200 円 をお支払いただきます。

【About issue of a certificate】

Our school will stop issue of the certificates for former students who graduated from school 10 years ago or more.
Please let us know by May 1, 2018, if you are the graduate and need your certificates.
One copy charges 200 yen(except the ones for the Immigration office). Please inform us these below:
* Your name
* Date of birth
* Name of course you took
* Graduation year and month
* Email address
* Telephone number
* How many copies/ what kind of certificate is needed?
* Japanese or English?
We will send you the certificate(s) by Email.
If you wish to receive them by post, please also tell your regular address. Postage charges will be required as well.
Thank you for your understanding.