Learn Kyoto.

Learn Japan.

Connecting Hearts
Through Language

Bringing together different people and
cultures from all over the world for more than 70 years .
The Kyoto Center for Japanese Linguistic Studies is
leaping into the global age.
With a focus on Kyoto, an area blessed with culture,
we aim for a peaceful and rich coexistence
between the people of Kyoto and foreigners.
That is the goal behind the school's motto: connecting hearts through language.



    This is a full-time course and is intended for students wishing to fully focus on studying Japanese.
    Aimed at those who wish to go to higher education in Japan, work for Japanese companies or learn about Japanese art and culture.


    This course is intended for those who wish to study during the summer holidays. You will study Japanese intensively for 20 lessons, 5 days per week.


    This is a private lesson course where you can decide the time and day.
    We match the class and teaching materials to the purpose of the student, making this an effective course.

  • E - COURSE

    Online classes from all over the world.
    Let's learn Japanese in a short period of about one month at a reasonable price!

Lodging Information

DORMITORY Lodging Information

The Kyoto Japanese Language School has two contract apartment buildings with basic furniture and fixtures necessary for living.
We can also help with homestay arrangements and information from real estate agencies.
These real estate agencies have staff speaking foreign languages, so you can communicate without worries.


Luminous Ichijo

Luminous Ichijo is one-room type contract apartment.
All you need for daily life has been prepared such as basic furniture, fixtures and bedding.
Many students from our school live here.
You are required to leave the apartment within 3 days after completing your Japanese Language School course,
even if the contract period with the management company remains.

Apartment Location 334-1 Ichijodoori Jofukuji, Minamishinzaikecho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto City 〒602-8206
Access 5 Minutes by bicycle from the school.
Equipment Bicycle parking, internet connection (LAN cable & Wifi), coin laundry, unit bath, kitchen.
Indoor Utilities Air conditioner, dishes, cooking utensils, desk, chair, desk lamp, bed, shelves, refrigerator, microwave, toaster, dryer, vacuum cleaner, iron, bedding (mattress, comforter, pillow)
*TV can be rented. Payment of NHK reception fee is required.
Rental Long-term occupancy: 4 months or more / 1 year contract
Security deposit: 1 month rent (Refunded when leaving after a stay of 10 months or more)
Room: 6 Tatami +unit bath ¥47,000
Water cost: ¥2,000/month
Garbage disposal fee: ¥500/month
Fire insurance fee: ¥6,000/year
Electricity and Gas are charged separately

Short-term occupancy: Up to 4 months / monthly contract
Rent: ¥57,000/month
Utility costs: ¥12,000
In case of short-term rent, a separate cleaning fee of ¥15,000 is charged when moving in.

The departure date will be decided upon signing the contract. We can not extend the contract.
If there is a possibility of extension it will be a one-year contract.
Management Company NPO Freedom
TEL:075-241-0110 Mobile: 090-7555-1777
Points The apartment is owned by our school.
It is the closest apartment to our school.
The entire building houses 18 people.
Other residents, besides students of our school, are foreign university students or foreigners working in Japan.


Urban Boat 210

Urban Boat is a contract apartment.
Basic furniture and fixtures needed for daily life are already prepared.
Conveniently located. Designer apartment with an undressed concrete wall.
You are required to leave the apartment within 3 days after completing your Japanese Language School course,
even if the contract period with the management company remains.

Location 21 Kodaiin Tatemachi, Nakadachiurisagaru, Uramon Dori, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto City 〒602-8267
Access 10 Minutes by bicycle from the school.
Equipment Auto-lock door, elevator, bicycle parking, coin laundry room, internet connection (LAN cable and Wifi are available, router needs to be bought separately)
Indoor Utilities In your private room
mini kitchen, air conditioner, bed, desk, chair, TV, shelf

Shared with tenants in adjoining rooms (2-3 people)
refrigerator, microwave, oven toaster, shower (coin-operated), toilet
Rent The rent varies depending on the room.
Long-term ¥28,000 - ¥30,000 (including water bill)
Short-term ¥36,000 - ¥39,000 (including water bill)
Electricity needs to be paid separately.
Management Company Urban Boat Limited
Points The apartment is owned by our school.
The entire building houses 60 people.
Many Japanese students live here as well.

The concierge is female, she is in the building 3 times per week.
The landlord lives on the top floor, so even if the concierge is absent you can feel secure.
Foreign students live in dormitory-type rooms.
There are a total of 16 dormitory-type rooms (2-3 private rooms with a shared area).
If you need a bedding set for a long term stay, you can purchase it through us.
If you need a bedding set for a short term stay, you can rent it from Urban Boat.
Floor Plan




The school arranges homestays. Please inquire for details.

Our school also arranges homestays for our students. For details, please contact us.

TEL:075-414-0449 FAX:075-441-9055